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NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Inspection

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

We provide testing and certification services for

Welding Inspection
Liquid penetrant testing
Magnetic particle testing
Ultrasonic thickness gauging
Visual inspection
Welding Inspection Magnetic Particle Testing Ultrasonic Inspection Visual Inspection

Welding is one of the critical manufacturing process carried out in almost every major industry. Welding Inspection should be done in order to ensure quality and integrity of the structures welded to have better safety. Inspection of welds helps in detecting the flaws early in the manufacturing and construction works there by reducing the cost for reworks and ensuring long component life by detecting and correcting flaws. Using NDT method for the inspection of welds defects like lack of fusion, lack of penetration, cracks, porosity, misalignment and other similar defects can be identified and the material safety is ensured by correction of the detected flaws.
Liquid Penetrant Testing: Liquid penetrant testing is used for examination of surface and subsurface discontinuities in nonporous materials.. LPT can be performed in metals, glass, plastics and ceramics. This method is useful in detecting cracks, porosity, laps, seams and other defects open to the surface that may have developed due to fatigue, impact, grinding, cyclic and overloads.

Magnetic Particle Testing is used to detect cracks and other surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials. Magnetic Particle Testing is one of the highly sensitive method used for inspection of castings, forgings and weldments’. The inspection can be carried out on both sites and in house.

Ultrasonic Testing uses high frequency sound waves to perform inspection on material to detect flaws or to characterize materials. Ultrasonic Testing is used for thickness measurement, flaw detection, inspection of welds, corrosion and erosion detection in pipelines and lot more.. Ultrasonic Inspection can be carried out on metals and alloys, plastics and composites. Detailed images can be obtained while using Automated Ultrasonic Testing. The discontinuity size and shape can also be obtained while carrying out Ultrasonic Testing.

Visual Inspection is one of the most common testing method that is done prior to starting any inspection. Visual Inspection is used to detect the surface discontinuities like underfill, porosity, slag inclusions etc. Boroscope is one of the visual inspection method used to detect defects in machine parts where the access Is very limited