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NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)

In the field of engineering and industry, technological advancements have necessitated the assurance of quality and safety in production processes and structure

A pre-shipment inspection

In today's global marketplace, where goods are manufactured and traded across borders, ensuring product quality and compliance with regulations is of utmost importance. One essential practice in this regard is pre-shipment inspection.

Lifting Equipment Inspection

Cranes are essential equipment used in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, shipping, and logistics. These heavy-duty machines play a crucial role in lifting and moving heavy loads, making them indispensable..

Food Premises Inspections

The purpose of food hygiene inspections is to find out if food is being handled and produced hygienically; is safe to eat; and to identify factors which have the potential to cause food poisoning or injury.
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Inspection and quality control

Inspection and quality control are important tools in today’s corporate world. A third-party inspection company is a business organization complying with the ISO 17020 standard.
We are proud to announce that our ISO/IEC 17020:2012 accreditation has been Valid to 2027 by the Egyptian Accreditation Council (EGAC), under registration number 032211.
Third-party certification means that an independent organization has reviewed the manufacturing process of a product and has independently determined that the final product complies with specific standards for safety, quality or performance. This review typically includes comprehensive formulation/material reviews, testing and facility inspections. Most certified products bear the certifier’s mark on their packaging to help consumers and other buyers make educated purchasing decisions.


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